ACTION ALERT: Stop Cortland County’s Criminally Expensive, Rushed New Jail Proposal

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Cortland County has resembled The Great Escape with overburdened residents and taxpayers leaving to find more opportunity elsewhere. But a costly new prison is not the answer. It will only worsen the affordability issues burdening residents.

Here’s why building a new jail is the wrong option for financially-strapped Cortland County:

  • The project could carry as high as a $48 million price tag. Residents are already paying a lot for county government.
  • Cortland County is slamming residents with higher property tax burdens to support their bad habit of spending $1,000 more per resident than surrounding counties, which has fueled a hefty $38 million debt.
  • There isn’t a need for a brand new facility. The current jail was built in the ‘90s, and designed for expansion. The cost for that starts around $8 million.

Here’s what you can do about it:

  1. Call AND email your Legislators right now. Tell them to stop this costly new jail idea. Click here for their contact information.
  2. Sign the petition below, and we’ll make sure Cortland legislators hear that you don’t want an expensive new jail!

Say “NO” to New $48 Million Cortland County Jail

Cortland County leaders are considering building a new jail in Cortlandville whose cost of $48 million or more would be paid for by the Cortland taxpayers.

A new jail was just built in the 1990s and Cortland County already struggles with some of the highest property taxes in the nation in proportion to the value of homes.
Let’s not add more taxes to the Affordability Crisis that is driving so many businesses and people out of Cortland County.

Sign the following petition for the County Legislators to tell them “NO” for a new Cortland County Jail.

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